Behind every good financial adviser is a good paraplanner

Okay, that may not be 100% true, but here at Svensoni all we are trying to do is make reference to the phrase ‘Behind every good man is a good woman’. We believe the same applies to the relationship between financial advisers and paraplanners.
While the financial adviser may be the ‘front man’, the paraplanner is the person behind the scenes, the quiet one, the unknown person who does a lot of the legwork and research to ensure that the advice given to you by your financial adviser is based on the most up-to-date information.


For a number of you who are new to the world of financial services, then paraplanning and paraplanners may be a novel entity to you, but trust us, we have been around for a long time, we just don’t sound it out from the rooftops – we are far too modest for that, but we have to let you know we exist somehow!

Providing financial advice is a hugely responsible role and one which those we work with at Svensoni take very seriously, which is why they come to us for help.
Sometimes the industry you work in can feel like you are walking on quicksand, and with the rightly strict regulations in place, there is no room for poor or unacceptable advice, hence the need for paraplanners and paraplanning.


As a consequence your financial adviser may come up with some initial ideas for you when you meet to discuss financial options for your future, but it is rare they will ‘sign you up’ there and then to whatever they recommend.

Instead the information obtained should be discussed with a paraplanner, and then the results of the paraplanning used to then successfully and accurately advise that client.
Here at Svensoni the financial advisers we work with will return from meetings and then we combine resources to come up with the best paraplanning solutions for every situation we are presented with.
To understand better how we work and to get a clearer idea of how we can help you through paraplanning if you are involved in the financial services sector, then please do give us a call here at Svensoni.

Behind every good financial adviser is a good paraplanner