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Charity head shave for Cancer Research UK

Charity head shave for Cancer Research UK   We received some very sad news from our MD, Leigh Chapman, recently. Leigh has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. As always Leigh is staying positive and her attitude throughout really is inspirational. On the 8th August Leigh will be having her head shaved by her [...]

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Svensoni drive growth with acquisition of Paracor

Svensoni drive growth with acquisition of Paracor Svensoni Paraplanning Ltd today announces the acquisition for an undisclosed sum the business of competitor paraplanning firm, Paracor. As a result of the acquisition, Paracor's principle, Andrew Ransley, will become head of Wealth Management Support (the High Net Worth & Ultra High Net Worth wing of Svensoni), and [...]

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Why employ when you can outsource?

Why employ a paraplanner when you can outsource your paraplanning work? Making money in business these days is getting harder, so the more ‘billable’ or money earning staff you employ compared to ‘administration’ and ‘backroom’ staff who do not generate income, the better it will be for you. This is perhaps very applicable in the [...]

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Behind every good financial adviser is a good paraplanner

Behind every good financial adviser is a good paraplanner Okay, that may not be 100% true, but here at Svensoni all we are trying to do is make reference to the phrase ‘Behind every good man is a good woman’. We believe the same applies to the relationship between financial advisers and paraplanners. While the financial adviser [...]

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2015 Hedge Fund Rich List, who topped it?

2015 Hedge Fund Rich List, who topped it? The number of hedge fund billionaires has definitely risen this year, from four to seven, so it is stated by the Sunday Times rich list. At the top of the list is Brevan Howard’s Alan Howard was joined also by Michael Platt, CEO of Blue Crest Capital, [...]

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Unfair pension charges targeted by SNP

Unfair pension charges targeted by SNP The Scottish National Party have pre warned that while they back pensioners having the freedom they want with their retirement money, they plan to highly identify and target the so greatly “hidden” and “unfair” charges that come along too.   In their election manifesto that was also published earlier [...]

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Hire a paraplanner – the route to maximising efficiency

Hire a paraplanner – the route to maximising efficiency Sometimes you can get so caught up in doing business that you don’t notice what is happening to the business. Paraplanners and paraplanning are the antithesis to, or is that an inoculation against, the ailments to being overworked to the point of becoming inefficient. With so many rules, [...]

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How I see things

How I see things Use paraplanning and paraplanners to allow you to concentrate more on your clients In so many walks of life it is impossible to efficiently and effectively carry out your most important work without getting bogged down in non-productive, but nonetheless essential duties. To a degree, paraplanning and paraplanners alleviate some of [...]

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Welcoming Matthew Burgoyne

Welcoming Matthew Burgoyne With the continuing expansion of our highly reputable outsourced Paraplanning service, we are delighted to welcome Matthew Burgoyne as a new member of the Paraplanning team. Matthew joins us from Openwork, where he amassed over 15 years of IFA and Paraplanning experience and comes highly regarded by his former Openwork peers. Our [...]

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