GDPR Notice

A full GDPR and Due Diligence pack is available on request

  • SPP Ltd operates under its own DPA License from the ICO.
  • Our offices have physical access controls (swipe card access).
  • Our office has software access controls.
  • All PC’s used to access data are fully encrypted (Directors only – all others via RDS).
  • Data pertaining to each machine are recorded in an Asset Register.
  • All systems are 100% cloud based.
  • Work could be routed to the other offices in minutes in the event of a “force majeur” which closes a location.
  • Each Location has backup internet and telephony services, to enable each to continue functioning in the event of a communications failure.
  • Any data passed to Svensoni Paraplanning / Mortgage Services Ltd, will be used for the purposes set out in the contract, and only for that purpose.
  • Data passed to Svensoni may be used by all Svensoni staff, and subcontractors (subject to equivalent protective contracts) for the purposes agreed between the parties via contract. SPP has zero borrowing.
  • Data is held for a period of 6 months from completion of work to ensure that any queries or concerns can be quickly and easily responded to. After 6 months, this data is archived. 21 days after archive the data is permanently expunged from the system, except sufficient detail to comply with HMRC and regulatory requirements (typically name of client, service type, and billing details).
  • Your data may be passed to third party agencies, such as the FCA, SFO, ICO to the extent to which it is required to under law.
  • Our systems are open architecture, meaning access to held data is 24/7 available to adviser clients. Correction requests may be made to any member of Svensoni Staff, and will be actioned promptly. Access requests may be passed to us likewise, however any additional data we hold, not on the system is likely to be Letters or calculations in progress only, and unlikely to be significant.