Hire a paraplanner – the route to maximising efficiency

Sometimes you can get so caught up in doing business that you don’t notice what is happening to the business. Paraplanners and paraplanning are the antithesis to, or is that an inoculation against, the ailments to being overworked to the point of becoming inefficient. With so many rules, regulations and responsibilities attached to the roles of financial advisers, having a support network of paraplanners and a company as reputable as Svensonibehind you can only do you and your business good.
Svensoni have no wish to blow their own trumpet in the field of paraplanning, but an analysis of our substantial client base has revealed that on average our paraplanners increase our clients’ efficiency by over 20%.
When looking to encourage new clients to use your services, there is nothing better than presenting the scenario where the fees you charge actually help to increase efficiency, and therefore profitability, to the point where investing in paraplanners and paraplanning makes total financial sense.
As financial advisers, sometimes it pays to take your own financial advice! If there is one hurdle that a company like ours has to overcome, it is simply making people who work in the field of financial services aware of what paraplanning is and what paraplanners actually do. After all, you’re not going to employ the services of someone based on the fact they have told you that you need them, but you don’t know why!
With over 25 paraplanners we have genuine in-house expertise in all aspects and areas of financial planning including equity release, long term care planning, IHT, and pension transfer.
However while it would take up pages to tell you exactly how we can help you, it would be more efficient if you simply contacted us and we can explain to you what paraplanning and paraplanners involves.

Hire a paraplanner – the route to maximising efficiency