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Use paraplanning and paraplanners to allow you to concentrate more on your clients
In so many walks of life it is impossible to efficiently and effectively carry out your most important work without getting bogged down in non-productive, but nonetheless essential duties. To a degree, paraplanning and paraplanners alleviate some of that burden by working behind the scenes, doing the donkey work, to allow those at the coal face of financial planning to do the elements that they are best at.
If you haven’t heard of paraplanning and paraplanners this is not a fad or a business created to fulfil a non-existent need. It is a service that fits in neatly with the changes in which way financial advisers now need to operate, and given it has existed now for well over a decade it can’t be a fad and we at Svensoni have over 25 paraplanners working for us, which shows our belief that this is not something which will be going away any time soon.
So what do paraplanners do and what is paraplanning? In simple terms, paraplanning includes everything from preparing pension transfer reports and recommendations, tax planning and investment work, though to valuations, annual review letters and discussion documents. This is the type of work that frees financial advisers to spend more time dealing with clients in a more productive way, or when business surges, you can use someone to do those parts of the work you enjoy less, or are perhaps not as good at and maximise your efficiency.
We recently carried out some research on the work we have done for our clients, and it was found that we increased their efficiency by over 20%, which I think you will agree is pretty impressive. All Svensoni paraplanners are highly experienced financial services professionals and consequently speak the same language as financial advisers. Of course there is an easier way to find out what paraplanning is and what paraplanners do, and that is to contact Svensoni and talk to us. You might be surprised what you learn and how much you could benefit from getting to know us better.
Karl Paul
Sales & Marketing Director.

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