As the volume of cases that Svensoni are dealing with continues to expand rapidly on a daily basis, it has also seen a natural growth of the team.
Our newest member to join us is our third apprentice, Emily Docwra. Emily has all the right attributes to be a future paraplanner, very intelligent, a quick learner, can think well and clearly under pressure, and also relates well to people on all levels.
Emily has joined our team at a period when we are transitioning through major growth and this is an ideal time for Emily to learn heavily about the business, the industry and the role itself.
Svensoni received many applications for the role and after shortlisting candidates and conducting interviews and second interviews Emily was selected for the role.
On hearing the good news a delighted Emily said “I was absolutely delighted when I received the phone call telling me how I had been the successful candidate, I was almost bursting with happiness as I have always shared an interest in the financial industry, so it gives me great pleasure to be a part of the family like team I have became a part of.
“And the apprenticeship itself gives me a scope for the future and I am very keen on becoming a paraplanner now that I’ve been enlightened on what it involves, and I am glad to say I have been welcomed into a brilliant team of lovely, supportive people.”
We’ll keep you updated on the progress on our apprentices; we are keen to develop them into the futures paraplanners. With the way the industry is heading the role will only get more exciting and be in higher demand so this is a great opportunity for them.
Svensoni will likely be looking at hiring further apprentices in the not too distant future so if the role sounds like it would appeal to you or someone you know contact us at any time.

Welcoming Emily Docwra – Svensoni Paraplanning