Career opportunities at Svensoni

How to apply?

As a smaller business, we operate a bit more dynamically, and will make a quick decision on your application.

If we like the look of your CV, then we’ll be in touch to arrange an interview.

If you’re located near to our office in Swindon, then we’d prefer to meet in person, but if you’re further afield we’ll arrange a video call.

During the interview, we’ll be trying to get an understanding of your personality and approach to working, as well as your practical paraplanning knowledge and experience.

Shortly after the interview, we’ll be back in touch to let you know how things went.

Frequently asked questions

As our team are paid on a per case basis, this is largely down to you.

Different people work at different paces, but during an interview we would share information about remuneration and what our team members achieve on average.

Yes – all new joiners to our team will have a dedicated trainer, who will be your contact for any queries, and they’ll also quality check your case work until we’re happy that you’ve got the hang of things.

Yes, we do. As a self-employed worker, you would be responsible for providing your own equipment.

However, on starting, we will arrange a remote session to configure the systems and software you’ll need to do the job.

We also have some basic equipment requirements to ensure you that you can work securely, which we’ll chat through with you at the appropriate time.

Many of our team do, however not everyone wants to do that to ensure they can’t be interrupted outside of their usual working hours.

If the latter applies to you, then we can set you up with an extension to our telephony system, which runs via an app on your mobile.

Send us your CV

If you’re interested in learning more about joining our team, please send your CV to us using the button below.

Or by emailing us at:

Available roles:
We welcome applications for self-employed paraplanning roles, which can be either full or part time